Markus Breineßl MD

General practitioner, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation He had his first contact with the Fascial Distortion Model in 2006 at the end of the training at the Vienna School of Osteopathy followed by many months of internship at Georg Harrer's office. Increasingly developed a close cooperation: first as an assistant at numerous courses and since 2009 as manager of Typaldos - Seminar. Since 2010 he is an internationally recognized FDM instructor. After many years of hospital work at a Department of Physical Medicine in Vienna Markus Breineßl is now specializing in the Fascial Distortion Model at his medical practice in Vienna .

"The FDM has changed my life, this should apply on others as well!"


Perfektastrasse 40/3/2

1230 Wien

FAX: +43 1 2533033 8086