FDM what is it?


The fasial distortion model FDM is a new concept within medicine and is focused on painful disorders.

The name consists of the latin term "fascia" (bundle) which stands for connective tissue and the the latin term "distorsio" = alteration of shape to inadeqate.

Painful disorders are the focus of the FDM which becomes increasingly popular amongst patients as well as therapists and physicians. 

Common indications are sore shoulders, back pain, knee and ankle sprains, various sport injuries and other painful conditions.


The fascial distortion model is based on new diagnoses, the fascial dstortions. These distortions of the bodies connective tissue are seen as the primary cause of the pain. The diagnostic procedure is based on the proprioception (sense for the own body) of the patient. Each specific distortion type feels/hurts different and can therfore easily be distinguished by the patient. 

Utilising a special form of visual diagnosis the distortions can be identified rapidly. This is mainly based on the interpretation of specific gestures used by patients all over the world to communicate their complaints to others.  


Diagnosis of the specific fascial distortions in the individual patient leads to a specific individual therapy, which is in most cases performend manually. These techniques applied with the hands are in general adressed as the Typaldos Method and are taught in our seminars. Other techniques such as surgical repair of fascial distortions are possible still manual techniques are more widespread so far. 


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