Stephen Typaldos D.O.

Stephen P. Typaldos was emergency physician and osteopath. He lived and worked in various states of the USA. Finally he setteled in Bangor / Maine / USA.

In his constant quest to help his patients better than this was possible with conventional methods, he developed the Fascial Distortion Model. Since the early 1990s he taught his method, which he called initially Orthopathic medicine and which is based solely on the Fascial Distortion Model. He has written several books on FDM, in which he shared his vast experience freely with the professional world. Many patients with often hopeless diagnoses traveled to Bangor to be restored in his practice amazingly quickly. In April 2006 Dr. Typaldos died while performing outdoor sports at the age of 49. His medical legacy is the developement of the Fascial Distortion Model. His legacy as an artist includes text and music of 6 musical plays and a unfortunately unfinished movie soundtrack. 

The name of our teaching institute is dedicated to this great physician.



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